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My Role: User research, User interview, User testing, UX designer, UI designer, Prototyper

Team: Interaction design team

Length: 14 Weeks (Jan - Apr 2019)

Young United Parents, is a platform for young parents to overcome isolation and stigma by providing them with informational content and resources that would empower pregnant and parenting young parents. 

Primary Design Objectives

Starting Off

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Focus Group

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Behavior Continuum 

Please view on Desktop

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Insights, quotes, stories, anecdotes and other data we gathered from the Focus Group and other primary and secondary research methods were instrumental for us because they helped us make Personas. Personas ensure we are always conscious of who we are designing for, what are their frustrations goals and motivations.

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Information Architecture

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Usability Testing Session

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Final Prototype

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Prototype Highlight

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YUP! Community

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