Using Arduino to implement the “jump” of the pattern printing machine.

Business Strategy

For the young generation who spends too much time on the screen, our mission is to introduce a social interactive, bonding and fitness living habit to them physically and mentally

Positioning Matrix

Competitive Landscape

Stakeholder Diagram

Long-term and Short-term Strategy

Market Extension 

Design Criteria

Roll-out Plan




My Role: User research, UX/UI designer, Prototyper, Machine design

Team: Tianlu Tang (Media Practice), Diana Chen (Graphic Design), Toby Yu (Product design)

Length: 14 Weeks (Jan - Apr 2019)

neoSola is a habit-building game designed for children between 4 to 8th grade who are drawn to the digital world. Our mission is to promote physical activities, social interactions and family bonding through the real-world gaming experience. 


Collaborated to create a culture of healthy, active and engaged communities

“ advance of the 2028 Olympics to be hosted here in Los Angeles, we envision LA as a city that embraces physical activity, and that will celebrate all cultures as it embarks on this transformation.”  


—Cedars-Sinai Research Center for Health Equity

Through ArtCenter Designmatters, Cedars-Sinai is leading an initiative in partnership with LA City Department of Recreation and Parks, Garmin, and the Discovery Cube.

New Social Problem

Children are drawn into the digital world

Children between 4 to 8th grade are drawn to the digital world due to a lack of interest in real-world activities. They become less physically active.

Target Audience

Young generation gamers

Around 7 – 13 years old children who spend a lot of time in digital worlds, including games, social media, etc. 

Interviews and Observations

Overall gaming has some positive impacts on children   

Except for some negative physical health outcomes of video games on children, gaming still has lots of positive impacts, such as it allows them to express themselves, feel a sense of belonging, train their memory, etc.

User Interviews

Expert Interviews


neoSola is a habit-building game that bridge digital games with physical public installations

Our mission is to promote physical activities, social interactions and family bonding through the real-world gaming experience. neoSola is an Olympic themed game vessel contains a lot of mini, habit-building games that bridge digital games with physical public installations. By using RPG game crossover the digital and real-world, neoSola encourages fun social interaction while keeping the kids physically active.


Pattern Printing Machine 


Interactive Exhibition


neoSola App

neoSola provides kids with a virtual companion that grows and plays actively with them. We found that customization needs to be a big part of the character because it has proven to be extremely popular with kids. 

Primary User Flows

Interaction features


By clicking on the little sun icon at the bottom, our menu bar will be expanding. Rotating the menu bar, to see which function you want to use. 

Mini Games

neoSola provides many mini-games for kids to choose from. Such as Torch Relay, a game can virtually pass the mini torch; Shape It Up, to jumping across patterns that tell you how far you’ve jumped mixes things up and kids never get bored.


Users can use the map to check the location of events and programs, also mini-games held by Rec & Parks, Discovery Cube and some LA landmarks. They can also see how many people at that location, to decide whether to go or not.

neoSola Wristband

neoSola builds of the Garmin platform to create further customization opportunities for kid users. The silicon case slips off easily, without having to change the hardware design. The software includes the companion, of course, and closely follows the child’s activity journey.

neoSola Pattern

Patterns are all using recyclable and degradable materials -- Water-Soluble Dissolving Paper.

Pattern Printing Machine

Pattern printing machines would be placed at the park. By interacting with it, kids can get some patterns to play. When kids pat on its head, the machine will start jumping, just like how the sola walk, it will leave its footprint, which is the pattern. The machine has used the sola character as it’s outlook, which will give kids a feeling of lively and friendly.   

Machine System Design

Machine Mock-up

Interactive Exhibition

System Diagram