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Personal project

Length: 14 Weeks (Jan - Apr 2019)

Tools: Perception Neuron, Axis, Unreal, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AE.

iota is a choreography machine that utilizes motion tracking, visual effect and holographic projection to enable skaters, coaches and choreographers to visualize and create a better performance. 


Figure skating is a sport in which the more professional you become, the more interesting it will be. The reason is that as your ability grows, you learn more advanced movements. The diverse and complex movements can be combined into long or short programs and when merged with music results in a beautiful performance.


Every professional athlete needs new choreography each season. However, finding a good choreographer is not easy.  Sometimes athletes need to wait for many months, or even may need to go across the Atlantic to find a choreographer. Unlike professional skaters, amateurs who are still learning don’t have a choreographer at all. Thus, their routines are often choreographed by their coaches or themselves.


History of Figure Skating

Nowadays, ice skaters lace up their razor-sharp skates to compete and perform in ice-dancing---one of the most popular winter Olympic games. But for centuries, blades on boots weren’t just for sports and leisure—they were the only way some people had to travel in winter.

Figure Skating Related Field Research

In my research, I found that there are various creative possibilities in ice-skating and art. The skaters' bodies themselves as well as their movements, blade traces and physical emotional expression fully activate my imagination. These are elements that I want to explore further.

Field Experiment

What if I am wearing the motion-tracking suit to skate on ice while recording my motion on the computer?


Based on my experiences and research on figure skating, I found that there are some preferences or “rules” concerning the locations that skaters may choose to perform their athletic feats such as a jump that begins at the corner of the rink. So, I assume that there exists a relationship between motion and location and I used this relationship to design the effect.


Expert Interview

The main goal is to know more about the professional world of figure skating and verified my assumption of space and motions.


Through the interview, I have verified my assumption and find there are lots of needs on figure skating’s choreography. Today, most of the choreography’s processes communicated remotely by phone or email. These are sometimes time-consuming and hard to convey their needs correctly.

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Research on Choreography

The research shows an easy way to choreograph our own. But if without a professional choreographer’s guidance, it will still be hard to follow.

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Journey Map

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Visual Inspiration

For the visual part, I want to give a feeling of futuristic and combining with some elements of ice.

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Interface Design

For the visual part, I want to give a feeling of futurism and combining with some elements of ice.

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System Map

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User Flow

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Final Interface

Mockup pictures

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