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Group Project + Individual Further development

Length: 14 Weeks (May - Aug 2019)

Tools: Arduino, Chibitronic, Copper foil conductive tape, LED, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AE.

Emoko is a smart and customizable tattoo that can show your ability to recognize and understand your own emotions, in the meanwhile it helps you to enhance this ability. You will be able to control your performance or status by changing the face on the tattoo, and the facial expression you picked will show others your emotion right now. 

Target Problem

Self-expression is as vital to socializing and living as breathing. Self-expression takes place through communication, body language, artwork, and even our clothes and hairstyles. It is how we interact and communicate with others and the world. It can be supremely fulfilling, but sometimes it could be irritably frustrating in many social scenarios. Some of us have difficulty communicating because we are shy, insecure or just feel that our communication skills are lacking.

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Design Intentions

In order to improve our self-expression and healthily express our emotions, I designed this smart tattoo tool kit, Emoko. It includes various led stickers of facial expressions that allow you to change the face of Emoko to mimic your current emotions at any time in any situation. This customizable look would be another way of self-expression. By having this Emoko, you will be able to enhance enjoyment, engagement and feel relaxed at festivals or any environment with our self-expression tattoo by visually showing our “internal state”.

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Field Research Highlights

College Party Ruddock House OPI

Groups are dynamic People would ultimately split up even if they came with friends to pursue different activities. Interactions with friends and strangers change depending on whether the person was under the influence of alcohol. People would feel more comfortable socializing after drinking. People would forget to check their phones when under the influence of alcohol. 

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Form Inspiration and Technological Research 

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Prototype Exploration

Tattoo Sticker


Kit Design

Customizable tattoo Kit

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Prototype Photos

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