about me

Hi, my name is Peipei Lin. I'm a graduate student studied at University of California, Berkeley and major in the master of design. Before, I got my Bachelor's degree in interaction design at ArtCenter College of Design and have a minor in Designmatter and social innovation. 


Besides work, I like figure skating ⛸️ and Sci-Fi movies ðŸ›¸ðŸš€.

Reach out to me at pennylin811@gmail.com





Design with Social Consciousness

As a designer, I hope that my work could go beyond the implementation of functionalities to make a meaningful difference in society. My ultimate ambition is using designs as a tool to empower people, unite communities, and promote equality and diversity.


Past sports training experiences transformed me into a goal-oriented and achievement-driven individual. Once setting my mind on a task or goal, I will concentrate and shut out distractions. This level of determination and focus enables me to expand my boundaries and overcome challenges in design projects.


As a compassionate person able to recognize and identify with the emotions of others, I can see issues from the perspective of others and feel in sync with the energy of them. This quality allows me to stay genuine in my work and prioritize users’ real-world feelings and experiences.


With an adventurous and curious spirit, I have pursued a wide variety of interests and hobbies since childhood, which are catalysts of my creative growth. Particularly, my pleasure originates from the experience of reading and writing sci-fi novels, especially the themes concerning the universe and other large-scale contexts. Together, these initiatives have whetted my appetite for exploring unknown possibilities in design.

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